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A Powertrain Ahead Of Its Time

Activated by Samsung SDI batteries and featuring the exclusive E-Z-GO Intellibrake™ System, our ELiTE™ Lithium powertrain is known within the industry to provide not only the best performance, but also the cleanest way forward.

0 %
Zero emissions and zero maintenance.
95 %
Less harmful waste compared to lead-acid batteries.
15 %
Less out-of-the-wall power to charge than the next-best lithium competitor.

The Best For You

  • Charge faster anytime, saving time and money.
  • No battery watering means less hassle and no maintenance.
  • 8-year battery warranty brings added peace of mind.

The Best For The Planet

  • ELiTE vehicles have saved enough energy to power more than 3,500 homes for a year.
  • Longer-lasting batteries than lead acid, which reduces overall environmental waste.
  • IntelliBrake converts speed to electricity, allowing it to repurpose energy. Its brake components also last longer, reducing material consumption.

Perfected From Top To Bottom

Designed and purpose-built for golf, our EX1 powertrain outperforms the generic industrial engines used by the competition — with increased efficiency, best-in-class fuel economy and greatly reduced environmental impact.

# 1
The industry’s greenest and most efficient gas engine.
60 %
Fewer emissions than the closest competitor.
2 YR
Two-year oil change interval saves up to $20 per oil change in materials and 20 minutes in labor per car.

The Best For You

  • Fewer wear parts, 2-year oil change intervals and washable filters.
  • Advanced technology gives you more miles out of every tank.
  • A smoother, quieter ride for enjoying the moment.

The Best For The Planet

  • Optimized design uses fewer components and resources to build, stock and ship.
  • Cleanest golf cart engine in the industry.
  • Burns less fossil fuel.

Ongoing Partnerships, Teamwork And Updates

Within our company and communities, we’re working to make a lasting difference for the environment and future generations.

Green Ambassador Program

The game of golf is about enjoying green spaces, and many golf courses have led the way for years in terms of prioritizing sustainability. If you’re a golf course that has been leading the way to a sustainable future, we invite you to sign up to learn about joining the Green Ambassador Program, where we’ll be sharing ideas and furthering green initiatives within the industry.

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