The Vehicle Pushing Everything in a New Direction


The all-new E-Z-GO® Liberty is a first-of-its-kind vehicle pushing everything in a new direction with its four-forward facing seats. As an ELiTE lithium vehicle the E-Z-GO Liberty is powered by a proven, maintenance-free Samsung SDI lithium battery system that will keep you on the course all day. Make the most of every round while experiencing unmatched maneuverability, increased comfort and more performance on every hole. 

New Ocean Grey EZGO Liberty 4 Passenger Electric or Gas Golf Cart for Sale Near Me


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Explore a life-like version of the Liberty on your course with our all-new augmented reality tool. This tool allows you to view the all-new Liberty through a 3D 365 degree view – scan the code and see how this Liberty fits into your fleet perfectly.

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The E-Z-GO Liberty is offered exclusively as an ELiTE Lithium vehicle. Get consistent power regardless of your level of charge, and charge any time you like, faster and more efficiently than with standard, lead-acid batteries.* 

Vehicle Highlights

Optional Mount Accessories

Upgrade your Liberty with our mount accessories including a hitch mounted storage receiver and a 4-bag holder.

Loadstar Tires with Daytona Wheels

Low-profile Loadstar tires with Daytona wheels are designed for a superior on course experience with a premium look and feel.

Four Forward Facing Seats

Enjoy a spacious and secure second row that will give your passengers a whole new perspective.

Unmatched Handling and Control

With its optimized wheelbase, Liberty gives you a tighter turning radius and enhanced maneuverability.